M. made great progress which already has been attributed to the GIGER MD therapy by several doctors and therapists. M. is able, for example, to heave her bottom if asked to and is able to crawl. We were able to observe how she lifts her right knee while doing so instead of pulling it with her. She is able to lift her lef knee as well, but not as well as the right one. She sits by way of this side. She already lifts her knee up to the belly while lying. We could also observe that while crawling he puts one foot in front and says “Stand up”. M. is often put on the toilette and is able to purge the bowels at will und can urinate. Her thigh muscles increased clearly. Not only have we been able to observe progress with her motor functions, in her check up yesterday, we were told that she is now mentally on the same level as her win brother. We are very proud of our daughter.”

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