GIGER MD® Therapy Center in Switzerland

Visit the GIGER MD® therapy center in Switzerland. Start a successful treatment of cerebral palsy with a trial therapy session!

Outpatient Therapy for Cerebral Palsy at our Therapy Center

As the manufacturer of GIGER MD® therapy equipment, we can look back on more than 30 years of experience with this unique learning and exercise therapy. In our treatment center in Solothurn Switzerland, we treat patients according to their individual needs. Here, you have the opportunity to let our experienced team introduce you to GIGER MD® therapy and receive a comprehensive individual consultation on your individual case.

Thereafter, the treatment can be carried out completely independently at home. Of course, we continue to be here for you. We offer lifetime support regarding all therapy questions. We also provide regular special trainings for professional users (rehabilitation centers, doctors, hospitals, etc.).

The GIGER MD®therapy approach

Our cerebral palsy treatment approach is as follows:

  • Within a few days, we teach those affected how to handle the GIGER MD® therapy instruments in our treatment center.
  • Thereafter, the therapy can carried out independently – or with the help of your parents – at home.
  • Each GIGER MD® therapy instrument is equipped with a special software that continuously measures and records your training results. Thus, the therapy can always be readjusted.
  • The successes of the therapy can be electronically compared with those of other patients. On this basis, the training can be continuously improved.

Given this therapy approach, those affected enjoy a high degree of independence and are given the option to obtain individual advice on treatment issues at the same time. GIGER MD® therapy can easily be combined with other forms of therapy (for example, manual therapy).

Free trial therapy session at the GIGER MD®therapy center

You want to find out more or learn how to use the GIGER MD® therapy devices yourself? As part of a free and nonbinding trial therapy session at our treatment center, you are given the opportunity to try out the GIGER MD® therapy together with your child or adult patient and learn about the opportunities of such a treatment.

This offer includes:

  • An informative presentation about GIGER MD® therapy and its potential
  • A comprehensive consultation on the individual prospect of success with the GIGER MD® therapy instruments
  • Insight into what the training might look like in your individual case
  • A trial session with GIGER MD® therapy devices
  • On request: advice on financing opportunities and cost assumption by disability insurance in Switzerland or aid in Germany

As part of your trial therapy session, we will also answer all of your questions regarding GIGER MD® therapy, treatmentprospects and possible next steps.

Contact us here for more information or sign up for a trial therapy session!

GIGER MD® therapy improves the quality of life

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